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FREE e-Reports with tips, tools, resources, audios, pictures, links and graphics.
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FREE e-Reports with tips, tools, resources, audios, pictures, links and graphics.
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FREE e-Reports with tips, tools, resources, audios, pictures, links and graphics.
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FREE e-Reports with tips, tools, resources, audios, pictures, links and graphics.
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FREE e-Reports with tips, tools, resources, audios, pictures, links and graphics.
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“Stuck in an Unwanted
Sexless Marriage?
Here is how you can get moving, and in the right direction!”

“If the frustration of living in a sexless relationship is driving you nuts, here is where you will find a powerful message of hope that will get you moving today,
before it is too late!”

Just last night I spent some time on the phone with a woman who lives 1000 miles away from me. She was clear and soft-spoken, kind of voice and heart. She is a good and wonderful person. I could just tell.

But, six years is a long time to go without sex!

She talked, and I listened. For years she has been commuting and working long days. 12 hours of work was not uncommon; frankly, it was more the rule than the exception.

Her sexual relationship was pretty hot and steamy in the beginning, like most relationships. In the early years there was enough satisfying sex to keep both of them happy.

Of all the challenges that beset sexless couples, (I’ll tell you more about some of the others in a moment) hers was fairly common. The workload increased, and then neglect set it. Now, she’s on the phone with me and it’s 9:00 at night. He has a girlfriend who is giving him something she isn’t. What a sad mess it became. She’s stuck and she is looking for some help.

The news reports are consistent… more and more couples are finding themselves stuck in sexless relationships, and they are frustrated beyond belief.

Of course, it isn’t news to me because over my 30+ year career as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I think I’ve about heard it all.

If you are stuck in a sexless relationship,
you are not alone!

People, no doubt much like yourself, are struggling with the challenges of being in a relationship that is important to them, and yet being incredibly frustrated because their partner doesn’t seem to be interested in sex.

And, it is frustrating as well for those whose desire for sex has vanished.

In fact, if your desire is gone, or if your partner’s desire is gone… you are both frustrated!

Nobody is particularly happy in a situation like this.

Yet, sexual desire can change!

I know it can happen, because I have witnessed it time and again.

There is hope, because you are not helpless. Neither of you are.

“Come on, now. What hope is there when I’ve been
helpless to change our situation for so long?”

Excellent question!

There are 8-Steps that you can take that will give your relationship a terrific chance to get UNstuck. I’m so convinced that you will get UNstuck from your sexless relationship that I am confident enough to guarantee you results. Follow these 8-Steps and you will get UNstuck.


Here, now, are the 8-Steps that you will want to follow so that you can get UNstuck.

Change always begins with a clear vision of how you would really like things to be in the future. You know, a picture in your mind of what a great relationship, especially a great sexual relationship would look like.

“I’ve got that clear already,” you say. Well, you might think you do, and that might be a big part of the problem.

My bet is that your vision of a strong relationship is missing some critical ingredients, and I’ll also bet that your vision is not lined up with your partner’s.

These are big problems.

Right now, you are focused on what is wrong. You have to switch gears and focus on what is right. I’ll give you the tools to focus on your strengths.

Research in the field has proven the practical usefulness of these tools over and over again.

The first step is to create a vision (actually, I’ll coach you to create 7 specific visions) of a strong and healthy relationship.

You will move from being negatively focused, to being positively focused, and that will make a huge difference.

Remember the story I shared at the outset, the story about the very nice woman who hadn’t had sex in 6 years? She neglected her relationship because she put her energy elsewhere. That problem is the one that is getting all the press lately. “Couples too busy to have sex.”

But, there are many, many other challenges that can cause a couple to get stuck.

In Step 2 you will complete a “Sexless Marriage Diagnostic Questionnaire” as a way of identifying in which of the 5 Challenge areas you might be struggling.

Yes, there are 5 different areas where individuals and couples can get stuck. 5, not just the one the press talks about.

Next, you will complete another brief questionnaire that will identify with which of the 10 Life-Sucking Emotional Symptoms you are struggling.

At this point you will know where you are stuck,
and how severely you are stuck.

But I’m not going to leave you there.

Those 10 Life-Sucking Emotional Symptoms… you will begin to get UNstuck from them.

You will recognize each of these. Right now, they are the Life-Sucking Emotional Symptoms of being stuck.

These symptoms, if left unaddressed, will become their own problems.

• Overwhelmed
• Exhausted
• Directionless
• Hopeless
• Battle-torn
• Worthless
• Helpless
• Alone
• Angry
• Confused

You will get clarity around each, and most importantly, you will be coached on how you can get UNstuck from each!

Now, you will dig deeper into the 5 Challenge Areas that you looked at when you completed the “Sexless Marriage Diagnostic Questionnaire.”

If you aren’t addressing the right problems,
you’re wasting your time and wrecking your relationship.

And then, you will discover what I have come to believe is the single biggest issue facing you.

You will look at how mice, rats, dogs, and people learn to give up on copulation.

If you think that the lessons learned from this incredibly important research doesn’t fit you and your relationship, then you might well be suffering from exactly the same phenomenon the research has identified!

That was a long sentence, so let me put it another way.

The research has found a problem that renders mice, rats, dogs, and people helpless.

Do you feel helpless?

Then I’ll bet you are suffering from this problem.

The good news is, it can be reversed!

“How?” you rightly ask.

I’ll show you the proven techniques that have helped thousands to get UNstuck from this debilitating problem. The data on the effectiveness of these techniques is so overwhelming, that I am confident you will get UNstuck once you apply them to your own life and relationship.

So confident, I guarantee the results and I'll even give all your money back if you're not satisfied!

By the time you are done with Step 3, here’s what will be happening to you.

You will be thinking more clearly about the specific strengths you have as a human being.

Your confidence and pride will be increasing.

You will have 7 clear visions of the life you want to create for yourself.

And your partner will have the same.

You will have pinpointed the area where you are challenged in your sexual relationship with your partner.

You will have identified and gotten UNstuck from the Life-Sucking Emotional Symptoms that have been dragging you down.

And you will no longer be helplessly stuck!

But, that’s not all!
We aren’t even halfway into the 8-Steps!

At this point, you would probably be settling for almost any sex at all. That is understandable. A thirsty person stuck in the desert would settle for stale and dirty water over none at all.

But in the vision you created in Step 1, you expressed your desire for something more.

There is a big difference between getting laid,
and making love.

Step 4 is about creating intimacy between the two of you.

Now is the time to work on a 55-page eCourse that has been developed specifically to help you to get to know yourself better, and be yourself more fully.

Maybe you have heard of the works of Myers and Briggs? They pioneered in the area of temperament. By completing this unique eCourse you will identify your temperament, and your partner’s.

You will also identify your preferred style of relating, and your partner’s.

“Why is this important?” you ask.

We enjoy being with people who know
and accept us.

Do you believe your partner knows and accepts you?

Chances are that you would respond, “No, not really.”

Here is the solution to that problem. This simple but thorough eCourse will help you to identify your temperament and your partner’s – as well as the preferred natural style you each have for relating intimately.

Do you want to “get laid”
or would you prefer to “make love?”

There is a HUGE difference, and here is where you will discover that difference.

And, you will find the process insightful, if not even fun, to do.

“Are you kidding? My partner won’t work with me on any eCourse! What am I supposed to do?”

Yes, I anticipated that.

If your partner is willing to enter into this process with you, your chances of success go up immeasurably. If your partner refuses to enter into this process, then you are going to have to confront that issue. I’ll give you 10 tips on how to make that happen.

Time to run deeper.

There are two key skills that you will have to learn in Step 5. The first is How to Argue With Yourself, and the second is How to Argue With Your Partner.

The Nobel Art of Argument

Most of us think about arguing as a bad thing. But suppose you thought differently about arguing? Suppose you actually developed an appreciation for the “Noble Art of Argument?”

If you think about it, isn’t your very life an argument for the principles you believe in, the delights you enjoy, the calling you have, the vision you want to realize, and the marriage you want?

If you truly want a good, full, and meaningful life then it is critically important that you learn to argue with the Automatic Negative Thoughts (the ANTs) that creep in and defeat you.

You know what I am talking about – the tendency you have to “catastrophize” the challenges that confront you. You have to develop the ability to argue “in your own head” so that those Automatic Negative Thoughts don’t knock you down!

The most important arguments you will have will be the one you have in your own mind.

Are you going to let the ANTs define you, or are you going to define yourself according to your strengths?

You are going to argue with yourself until your own “self-talk” wins! You will consciously argue with those ANTs until your conscious mind prevails.

The second most important arguments will be
with your partner.

Instead of getting stuck in all of those unsolvable arguments that leave you both feeling rejected, you will learn some of the very fundamental rules about when to argue, how to argue, and how to keep your arguments healthy.

The research on effective arguing is consistently clear about the fundamental rules for arguing well. You might just as well know what they are so you can avoid the devastation that occurs when arguments rip at the very soul of a relationship.

It is too detailed to go into right now, but you will learn the ABCDE model for arguing with yourself, and with your partner.

And to make sure you learn this tested model well, you will be given numerous illustrations of how this proven model can be applied to your sexless relationship.

Speaking of your sexless marriage… you will be given specific tips on how to effectively apply the ABCDE model, a model that has been University developed and researched… to your sexless marriage.

No more confusion about how to effectively argue!

This is where change really starts to pick up speed. You will be able to get yourself UNstuck with the art of arguing with yourself about the Automatic Negative Thoughts that defeat you.

And, you will be able to engage your partner more effectively with a twist on the same techniques.

In order to bolster your effectiveness at arguing with yourself, you will need solid facts.

To help you with the facts, I am including my eBook, Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage, a $19.99 value… for FREE. It is so much easier to argue well when you are loaded with the facts.

More about this in a moment.

Have you noticed that we are NOT particularly focusing on anything that is negative?

You both have taken enough abuse around your sexless marriage already. There just isn’t much use in beating either of you up anymore.

No, what you are looking for is good – solid – practical advice.

But, part of that advice has to be about what NOT TO DO!

So here, in Step 6, I’m going to give you the following:

A list of 14 Really Silly and Foolish Steps you

Frankly, I’ll bet you have already tried some of these. As soon as you look at this list you will say, “Ouch! That’s me!”

But, when you find yourself in this list you will also know that you are VERY NORMAL!

However, I’m trying to help you to be OPTIMAL!

If you are doing any of these “Really Silly and Foolish” behaviors, then you are making yourself STUCK!

One of the thoughts you have been entertaining, difficult as it might be to admit, is this:

“Should I get a divorce?”

You can waste a lot of time wondering about whether or not to get a divorce. Circular arguments will abound and your mind will spin from one side to the other. It all can be enormously draining.

In STEP 7 you will find that I’ve collated some material for you that is bound to be helpful if you are contemplating divorce.

People end relationships in four ways; there is a legal divorce, a physical divorce, a family divorce and an emotional divorce. I’ll offer you something about each.

“But, when will I know if I should get a divorce?”

I’ve got some incredibly practical steps for you to consider when it comes to this incredibly important decision.

It always amazes me that almost anyone who struggles with whether or not to divorce, will spend more energy on that decision than they spent on the original decision to marry!

“But what if I want to save my marriage?”

Then you should do everything in your power to save your marriage!

That’s why I am including, believe it or not, my eBook You Can Save Your Marriage. It is yours for FREE.

People who are well married are happier. We know this is a fact. If there is anything you can do to save your marriage, then you owe it to yourself, your partner, your children (if you have any), and to everyone that cares for you to give it your best shot.

What is your best shot?

You will know once you have read You Can Save Your Marriage.

“But what if my partner won’t work with me, or what if I just can’t keep going?”

If the ship is going down, and you don’t want to drown… swim to shore!

You will be given some specific advice on how to keep yourself from drowning in the mess of a divorce. That doesn’t mean the divorce won’t happen. After all, in most communities it only takes one person to get a divorce.

What it does mean is that you can survive it all, and move on with your life.You will be given positive and affirming advice on

how to keep yourself from being stuck because of a wanted, or unwanted divorce.

In STEP 8 the subject is “How to maintain an optimum life no matter what!”

Here are some aids for thinking about a more optimum life. I am a practitioner of Positive Psychology, and as such, have developed some tools and resources for the people I work with in therapy. I am sharing some of those with you now.

Why not live an Optimal Life!?

If your sexual relationship is unstuck and you are moving closer more often, then a few tips will help you to keep going.

While traditional Psychology tends to be about helping people to move from “abnormal” to “normal,” Positive Psychology helps people move from “normal” to “optimal.”

Whether you stay married and stuck sexually, or married and enjoying sex more, or even if you decide to split up… you will be introduced to some practical tips on how you can maintain more optimism and happiness in your life.

Yes, no matter the outcome, you can have a good, full,
and meaningful life.

Once again, you will want to avail yourself of the advice you will find in my two eBooks, You Can Save Your Marriage, and Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage. The latter is intended to give you two some solid advice, based on years of experience, about how you can grow your sexual relationship into something more pleasurable and mature.

The 8 Step Program, as I have said, is aimed at helping you to get UNstuck. Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage is about moving in the right direction once you are UNstuck.

Without positive progress, the risk of slipping back is greater, and I know you don’t want that to happen!

Well, there you have it - A Summary of the Program.


  • You will increase your chances of success a great deal if your partner will participate,
  • You will spend at least 3 months working at this and that means just getting UNstuck. To create a more satisfying and mature relationship will take a year or longer.

Sound like a lot of work? Are you starting to hesitate?

That could be it right there… the way “learned helplessness” is grabbing you and causing you to stumble.

Tell you what; I’ll give you more tips – more helpful information – about the value of this incredible package offer – for FREE.

All you have to do is sign up, and you will receive further information that will give you a decided advantage when it comes to getting UNstuck from your sexless marriage. No obligation at all… just more FREE advice.

“Why are you doing this?” you ask.

Simple. I’ve spent my entire working life helping couples to improve their relationships. I know that a happy marriage is one of the cornerstones of a happy life. I know that a happy marriage produces happy families, and that happy families produce happy kids… and the world is better off.

It is my mission in life to help couples!

All you have to do is put your name and email address in the boxes below, and you will receive additional FREE advice and further information about the entire 8-Step Program for Getting Unstuck from Your Sexless Marriage.

Want to learn more about how you can get UNstuck from your sexless marriage?
Your email address will never be shared with anyone!


Scroll down and look at the 3 Bonus offerings I am giving you absolutely FREE.

In addition, you will receive You Can Save Your Marriage, and Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage, and our 28-Day Jump Start Your Sexless Marriage eCourse absolutely for FREE with the purchase of our 8-Step Program for Getting UNstuck from Your Sexless Marriage.

There are reasons for giving this material away, as you will see when you read further. I’m doing what I can to maximize your chances of success.

Your marriage is on shaky ground, and I’m giving you the tools to steady your relationship before it is too late.

And remember, it all comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so you aren’t taking any risk at all. This is as safe an offer as I can create for you.

I know you can do better than you have done in your marriage. You probably know that as well.

Take some action, and get UNstuck today! I know you can.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated, so feel free to email me at DrAtwood@HopefulSolutions.net.

It would be great to hear from you.

Dr. Andrew D. Atwood
Marriage and Family Therapist since 1974

P.S. Please understand that I am including 3 FREE Bonuses with your purchase of the 8-Step Program. This is a $78 savings! An incredible offer.

BONUS NO. 1 – A $19.99 Value - Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE!

You will be given a copy of the eBook Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage. Written as a “Traveler’s Guide” this 130+ page eBook will provide you with a ton of helpful and hopeful information about the practical issues involved in enjoying a mature and satisfying sexual relationship. If you are UNstuck and ready to move, or just creeping along, here is where you will find the fuel to zoom!

BONUS NO. 2 – A $29.99 Value - Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE!

My original eBook, You Can Save Your Marriage, written after 60,000 hours of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist, is yours with this bonus offering. What I’ve done here is collated an enormous amount of personal and professional experience, along with some of the very latest and greatest research in the field of marriage and family therapy, in a single readable document. Given that 57% of the men, and 24% of the women who complete the survey on our website say “our marriage is in deep trouble” because of their sexless relationship, it only makes sense to give you my eBook, You Can Save Your Marriage.

BONUS NO. 3 – A $28.00 Value - Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Those who have taken advantage of the 28-Day Jump Start Your Sexless Marriage eCourse have found it to be provocative, and very practical. I know, because many have written to me and told me so. You will be given a series of 28 daily tips on what you can do to literally “jump start” your sexless marriage. “What can I do?” Well, with this eCourse, which normally retails for $1 a day, you will know what to do. And the tips build on each other.

Look at everything I am giving you for only $49.99! That is, as I have said, an incredible savings of $78. That’s right, if you were to purchase the 8-Step Program, and the bonuses separately, you would have to pay about $118.00.

So now is the time to decide!

Don’t waste your life. Don’t waste your marriage. Don’t waste any more time.

The complete 8-Step Program for Getting Unstuck from Your Sexless Marriage, plus You Can Save Your Marriage, plus Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage, plus the 28-Day Jump Start Your Sexless Marriage eCourse

All for Only $49.99!

To order
“8-Step Program for Getting Unstuck from Your Sexless Marriage" as an eBook
(download to your computer for $49.99) and be reading in 5 minutes...

To order
“8-Step Program for Getting Unstuck from Your Sexless Marriage" on a CD ROM
(which will be mailed to you via USPS for only $52.99)

And get this – I am so confident in the effectiveness of this package order that I will give you a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked, no hassles, not ever.

I’m taking all the risk so that you can relax and
work on your relationship.

If you are not satisfied, just email me and your money will be promptly refunded. Period.

So what might hold you back?

I can’t think of anything. Seize the opportunity!

Copyright 2002-2004 - Save Your Marriage, PLC
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