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Here is a Step-by-Step way to turn Your Self into a Happier Person…
into Someone whose Attitude is Positive, Whose outlook is Bright and Sunny, and Whose life is Full and Rich with Goodness and Joy. No kidding!

“What a bunch of hype and B.S.!” you say… “How in the world can anyone claim to know a way to help me, with my sad life, to actually be happy and positive? Is this some kind of joke?”

Yea, this might sound like an overblown claim, but the facts speak for themselves.

Ignore the truth at your own peril!

You have clear and specific strengths, and once I help you to identify them you can build your life around them.
Once you have a “strengths centered life,” you will also have more success in whatever you are interested in.
With proven tools for creating an optimistic attitude you can maintain that strong attitude, even in the face of adversity!
You will figure out how to stop wasting your time, energy, and money chasing after things that absolutely will NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY!
If you’re stuck in some sort of misery, you will learn how you can get UNstuck and step forward toward more happiness.
You can do what all happy people do… you can find your grove and flow with it… Ah! The sheer joy of it will surprise you!

Yes, these aren’t just pie-in-the-sky promises. No, not at all.

What you have here are tools that happy people actually use… in a natural way… to keep their attitudes positive no matter what is going on in their life. Not theory about happiness, but the facts as revealed by years of serious research.

Here is a proven step-by-step way to turn yourself into a happier person!


I’m Dr. Andrew D. Atwood, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Master Social Worker, and what you have before you is an introduction to a program that will help you to become a more positive person.

You can outwit the dark, funky doldrums that whack you every now and then by becoming an expert in the ways of happiness! Yes, even if those “dark, funky doldrums” are hanging around more days than not… You can learn how to outwit them!

“What’s the deal? Are some people just born happy? Are there some people who just seem to be able to bounce back from adversity with a smile on their face, while the rest of us are doomed to darkness?”

It surely might seem that way. Here’s a simple story that might sound familiar.

In our city, Grand Rapids, Michigan, we have experienced a whole lot of job losses in the manufacturing sector, especially the furniture industry. Thousands of people have suddenly (in fact, on the same day!) found themselves out of work.

To a one they have had their income dropped, benefits cut, and their future flooded with uncertainty.

So why is it that some remain buoyant and optimistic, while others drop into deep despair and gloom?

Excellent question… and there are very specific and well documented answers.

Optimistic people behave differently than
pessimistic people in very specific ways.

But, I don’t want to jump ahead with a whole lot of details right now. I’ll give you some of those in a minute.

You, too, can learn how to behave in ways that will bring cheer to your heart, peace to your mind, and calm to your soul… even in the face of adversity!

Once you know how, these technique work, they won’t be someone else’s secret any longer.

In fact, these techniques are GUARANTEED TO WORK! Practice these straightforward techniques and you will, for sure, create more happiness and optimism… or I’ll “eat my hat.”

What makes me so confident?

The tools and step-by-step techniques that are being taught here have been carefully researched over years and years - by some of the most innovative research psychologists and educators - at some of the most prestigious universities in the United States – and there is more….

I’ve practiced these same techniques both personally, and professionally, and the actually work. I’m being completely honest with you.

Bad things happen… even to good people. Just take the last year for example, of my own life. 12 months ago we were moving my parents out of their home of 30 years and into an apartment in a retirement community. 12 months ago my mother-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 9 months ago Trudy died. Oddly, my wife’s Aunt Barb died the same day… Trudy’s sister-in-law. Barb’s husband died 8 weeks later, and another Uncle, Hank, died 8 weeks after that. 5 months ago my father, who has been my role model and hero, had a debilitating stroke that complicated his pre-existing Parkinson’s Disease and dementia into a real tailspin. My Mom and Dad celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary in separate homes… a sad thing. Less than 3 months ago my wife’s brother died of a heroin overdose… a sad ending to a long life of abuse. Not 15 minutes ago I received a phone call from my sister informing me that hospice has taken over my father’s care as of this morning. He is on a morphine patch and is given less than a week to live. (Okay, I’m proof reading this letter 4 days after that 15 minute phone call, and 3 days after Dad died. I’m still dealing with a sad relief, but I’m not down!) There is more… but you get the point; the last 12 months have been very difficult.

And yet, I remain both realistically connected to it all and positive. I’m probably headed for another funeral within days, but life remains good, full, and meaningful.

I’m practicing what I preach!

And so are many, many of the clients that I’ve worked with over my 30+ year career as a psychotherapist. I’ll tell you a story or two in a minute.

The message I want you to hear is that this stuff REALLY works!

It would have been nice if you had learned these skills naturally as you grew up, but a lot of us simply don’t pick them up.

Maybe your parent’s weren’t particularly positive people.
Maybe you had some especially difficult moments of neglect or abuse as you grew up.
Maybe your whole environment was short on encouragement and zest for your life.
Maybe your genes are full of negativity.
And maybe you live in a pretty challenging situation today… problems at home, or work, to name but two of how many?

There are any number of reasons why good people such as yourself don’t develop a positive and happy outlook on life, in spite of unfortunate circumstances.

No matter… these techniques… practiced by optimistic and happy people everywhere… can bring more positive energy to your life as soon as you put them into practice. Yes, that quickly!

Being convinced of the practical usefulness of these techniques… why in the heck wouldn’t I share them with everyone I know?

Frankly, I can’t think of one good responsible reason why I would keep this stuff to myself. How irresponsible would that be? In truth, I share all of this regularly with my clients.

When I begin to imagine what life would be like with more people practicing these techniques, with more people having a more optimistic and positive outlook on life, well here is what I see:

Less time, energy, and money being wasted in states of depression
More positive interaction between husbands and wives
Children learning these skills at an early age so that they can be spared years of misery
Increased physical well being because of fewer stress related symptoms
More creativity and imagination being brought to the workplace
More people in effective personal self-control of their lives

Those with a more optimistic and positive outlook enjoy a better life, and practicing these specific techniques can develop that happy outlook. These are proven facts!

One of the most critically important lessons you will learn here is about “learned helplessness.” If you have developed learned helplessness, then you are certainly STUCK.

In fact, this one phenomenon is how I got into studying the whole field of “Positive Psychology” in the first place. Many people who are stuck in a sexless marriage are stuck for exactly this reason – they have developed learned helplessness!

Optimistic and Hopeful people have more satisfying lives in all sorts of ways!

It doesn’t take some special kind of knowledge to understand how true this is. You get it, and so do I.

Not too long ago there was a major report on “Happiness” in TIME Magazine. I was most interested to read the following list, because it really got me to wondering about what the REALLY BIG PROBLEM actually is?

Here are some of the facts. To the question “What are your major sources of happiness?” here is how 1,009 adult Americans answered a TIME poll in December 2004.

77% said “Your Relationship with your children”
76% said “Your friends and friendships”
75% said “Contributing to the lives of others”
73% said “Your relationship with spouse/partner or your love life”
66% said “Your degree of control over your life and destiny”
64% said “The things you do in your leisure time”
63% said “Your relationship with your parents”
62% said “Your religious or spiritual life and worship”
50% said “Holiday periods, such as Christmas and New Years”

And here is how the same sample of people answered the question, “Do you do any of the following to improve your mood?”

63% of Women, and 51% of Men - Talk to friends/family
55% of Women, and 52% of Men – Listen to music
51% of Women, and 38% of Men – Pray/meditate
45% of Women, and 39% of Men – Help others in need
47% of Women, and 35% of Men – Take a bath or shower
38% of Women, and 30% of Men – Play with a pet
24% of Women, and 30% of Men – Exercise/work out
29% of Women, and 27% of Men – Go out with friends
24% of Women, and 25% of Men – Eat
20% of Women, and 21% of Men – Take a drive in a car
18% of Women, and 25% of Men – Have sex

But, can you locate the missing facts?
Can you see what is not revealed?

If there are all of these ways in which people find happiness, or improve their mood, why is it that millions and millions of prescriptions for anti-depressants are filled every year?

Sure, there are lots of things we human beings can do to find happiness and to improve our moods.

Obviously, something is still missing! Obviously, what we are doing to create happiness isn’t working very well. What is missing?

Not enough of us have learned how to practice, every single day,
the skills of optimism, positivism, and happiness.

It is easy to be happy when everything is going well. It is easy to be happy when you have great relationships with friends and family, when you are contributing well to the lives of others in a world filled with comforting music. It is easy to be happy when your life is under control!

“But what do I do when the s**t hits the fan?”

How do YOU get YOURSELF up and UNstuck… and optimistic and positive?

If you practice swimming every day, then you have a better chance of swimming to safety when the hurricanes and floods of life come roaring at you!

Yes, there are specific techniques that the happiest people use… and you can develop those techniques yourself.

Practice these techniques and you will:

Develop the skills necessary to engage in “Positive Self-Talk” which is what all optimistic and happy people do.
Overcome chronic hopelessness.
And rise above helplessness.
Understand the power that ANTs have over you (Automatic Negative Thoughts), and
The specific steps you can take to get rid of them.
Learn how to be appropriately pessimistic.
Raise your “set-point range” for happiness.
Take control of your “mental models” and how they are limiting your pleasure in life.
Learn to put your thoughts and feelings together so that you feel better every day of your life!

And that is only in the 2nd of the 5 lessons included in this program. There are 5 Lessons and each has numerous pages of material.

“How can I get started with this program so that
I can get up and out of the doldrums?”

Get this 5 Lesson program! Each of the 5 Lessons will come to you in 5 emails (every other day for 10 days). Just open your email, click on the link… and you will immediately have your lesson for the day right in front of you. It could hardly be any simpler.

But, there is a problem with all of this, and if you don’t face it, not even this program will help you.

It is a real problem, and you won’t be surprised by it. But, more on that in a moment.

For now, if you are serious about developing more optimism, a happier disposition, a more up-beat attitude, a resiliency that helps you to bounce back from adversity then you will have to overcome this one significant obstacle in order for this program to work.

Here’s what you will have to do:

Step One: Subscribe to this “Positive Psychology Primer” and download it onto your computer so you have it available whenever you need it.

Step Two: Work each of the 5 Lessons!

“Oh, NO! I have to WORK at this?
I thought this would be easy.”

I hate to disappoint you, but yes, you will have to work at this program.

The “Rule of 3’s” applies here. 3 minutes, 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years.

It will take you a little more than 3 minutes to subscribe to this 5 Lesson eCourse. If you spend 3 hours with each Lesson over 10 days you will be taking a HUGE step toward developing a more positive life. Absolutely huge. That is 15 hours in 10 days. Get it? 1½ hours a day for 10 days. Not much at all.

The first 3 days are critical. Receive the first 2 lessons and work them. There will be lots to do in those first 3 days. Do the work! Then, practice for 3 weeks, and then 3 months, and then 3 years from now you will look back and say,

“One of the best things I ever did for myself was take that eCourse on Positive Psychology!”

Think of what will happen to you when…

You are absolutely clear about what your signature strengths are as a human being. Yes, in this eCourse you will be directed to a tool that will help you to identify your top 5 greatest strengths. Happy people play to their strengths and they ignore their weaknesses!

Think of what will happen to you when…

You intentionally and consciously inject optimism into your life even when the tide is running against you!

Think of what will happen to you when…

You actually practice specific techniques that really help you to get UNstuck from life’s most rotten emotions.

Do you ever get stuck in these 10 Life-Sucking Symptoms?

Look at this list and you will certainly recognize your most frequent “symptoms.”

  • Overwhelmed
  • Exhausted
  • Directionless
  • Hopeless
  • Battle-torn
  • Helpless
  • Worthless
  • Alone
  • Angry
  • Confused

Why do I call these “symptoms?” Because that’s exactly what they are. These are the symptoms that befall people who don’t use the skills taught in this eCourse. Let me put it another way…

People who use the skills that I’ll teach you in this eCoursedon’t get stuck in these Life-Sucking Symptoms.

“But, how much work will this take?”

It truly depends.

The more you put into this eCourse, the more you will get out of this eCourse.

Everything has been designed to be “to-the-point,” and user friendly.

Here are a couple of pictures of the notebook in which I have placed my own printed copy of the “Positive Psychology Primer” eCourse. Not very flashy, but it is meaty!


When you order the downloadable eCourse, you can SAVE each page of the eCourse onto your own computer, and print each page if you wish. That’s what I’ve done.

Or, you can order the whole thing on a CDRom that we can mail to you via US Mail.

And, of course, you can order a printed spiral-bound copy for a little extra cash to cover printing and handling.

Order the downloadable version and here is what you will get:

An email every other day – for a total of 5 emails. Each will be very short and each will have links in it that when clicked will immediately take you to a webpage where you will find the lesson of the day.

Each of the 5 Lessons is about 3 to 5 pages long.

Each Lesson will have numerous links within it that will take you to other pages where you will find more explanation, exercises, tips, tools, and resources. All together you will find about 78 pages of tightly packed material.

Not a lot of fluff here; just a lot of meat.

“How in the world will reading an eCourse help me to become a happier person?”

Another excellent question.

Here’s the answer: !!! You better do more than just read this thing !!!

This is an eCourse that has been designed to be “worked” by you so that you will build new habits of action, thought and feeling.

This eCourse is meant to change the way you act, think, and feel!

Once again, I’ve worked this eCourse personally, and I have used it with a ton of clients in my clinical practice. I’ve maintained a pretty happy attitude in spite of a fair amount of crap in my life. I haven’t even told you about what happened to our family in 1968… a horrible set of events that saw my 5-year-old sister struck down by encephalitis and my brother die of cancer… but hey… we all have our ups and downs!

The goal is to go UP when adversity strikes!

I’ve not only survived, but I have thrived! So, I figure, why not share the lessons of life with everyone else?

Let’s take a closer look at Lesson 5:

Here is where you will find… count them…17 links to 17 separate pages of specific techniques that people use, naturally, to keep themselves positive.

Advocate for grey, instead of black and white
Affirm your positive intent
Check your erroneous attributions
The “So, if…” technique
Make friends with your distortions

And 8 more beyond these that are guaranteed to give you an advantage when the weather of your life turns cold and blustery.

I call this eCourse “A Positive Psychology Primer” because it really is exactly that. Not a very flashy title, but it gets the job done.

Positive Psychology is a relatively new field that has emerged out of the bigger and broader general field of Psychology. In Positive Psychology the focus is on what it takes to be strong, optimistic, positive, and in effective personal self-control… not on what about you is whacked out, crazy, abnormal, or pathological.

Want a good, full, and meaningful life?
Here’s how you can create a happier life
For yourself, and others!

That is how every one of the 5 Lessons begins.

I’ve written this eCourse after 31 years of reading and working with people in my office, and now it is your turn.

Yes, you have to take the next step!

But, before you do, remember… THIS WILL TAKE SOME WORK!

I know this is true because I beta tested this eCourse for 6 months. Yup, I gave it away for free to anyone who wanted it. I put the whole thing up on our website and then emailed everyone I knew and told them they could have the eCourse for free, and they could pass it along to anyone they thought could benefit from it.

Then I had surveys that could be completed at the end of every lesson.

What did I learn from my beta test?

Two things:

First, I have some great friends who really took the time to read and edit my material, correct some grammar and spelling mistakes, and who gave me excellent feedback.

Second, it takes WORK to make this happen. In fact, the more WORK put into this, the better the results.

Of course, that shouldn’t surprise you any more than it did me.

But what the heck! What will happen
if you don’t do the work?

You will probably stay just about as happy as you are, which may be okay for you.
You will get stuck in the same old familiar ways.
Any hopelessness and helplessness you learned early in life will linger on unchecked.
Your body might well continue to suffer from a lack of positive energy.
The important relationships you will have with the significant others in your life, at home and work, will continue to be affected by your moods.
Relationships with friends will be no richer tomorrow than they are today.
Bouts of depression and/or anxiety will grab you, just as they have in the past.
You will experience that ugly feeling of frustration now and then, just as you have. You know, that feeling that comes around every time you wonder if you are doing the right work in life, living the right life, being the right person.
Your life will be no fuller than it is today.

Well, if all of that isn’t reason enough, then
what are you doing just sitting there!

Do something!

Do something positive NOW,
before you miss the OPPORTUNITY!

You can have a good, full, and meaningful life!

But, and here comes the zinger, it will cost you!

How much?


“Whoa, now… that’s the price of a pizza and pop. Are you kidding?”

Nope. I’m not kidding.

If you think that is too much, then forget it all and move on.

If you are willing to plop down $17.99 you can have my 5 Lesson eCourse starting in a few minutes. It feels like I am practically giving this stuff away for free.

And just to take the anxiety away from you entirely, I’ll take all the risk!

If you aren’t completely satisfied I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. Period.

You have absolutely nothing to lose when it comes to cash because I’ll refund every penny to you if you aren’t satisfied with my “Positive Psychology Primer.” It is that simple.

Downloadable copy for all customers

$17.99 USD

Printed Spiral Bound Copy for USA Customers (Includes Shipping and Handling) $27.99 USD
Printed Spiral Bound Copy for International Customers (Includes Shipping and Handling) $37.99 USD

Frankly, I don’t believe I’ll have to refund your money to you because experience has taught me that those who work this program, benefit from it.

And that’s why I’m putting this material out there in eCourse form… so that people like you can benefit from the development of a more positive and optimistic way of living.

I have to share a short story with you, and this is a powerful story of change.

Sally was stuck in a downward spiral of pessimism and depression. I haven’t seen Sally in years, but I get a long letter from her around my birthday every year. She reminded me of how dark life can be without hope or help in her last letter. Here’s her story.

Sally was depressed almost all of the time. She and I worked together for months and I taught her every lesson I could think of about how she could change her actions, and then her thoughts, and finally her feelings. She could, I would tell her, act – think – feel her way into a happier life.

But Sally was fond of saying, “Andy, things are always darkest… just before they are completely black.”

And she sounded like she meant it.

Sally closed her garage door, got out a vacuum cleaner hose, and took steps to say goodbye to it all.

She got behind the car and attempted to put the end of the hose onto the exhaust pipe… and what do you know, it fit perfectly. PERFECTLY! For an instant, Sally felt effective. She was in control of her life. “I can really do this. I am perfectly capable of killing myself. Wow! I guess I’m not an inept fool after all.” She opened the garage door and went inside to think. She didn’t feel like killing herself.

Then she connected everything I had been preaching to her with her own actions – thoughts – and feelings.

Sally suddenly had an intense awareness of her own personal power, and her optimism and hope grew.

Very soon, maybe even by the time you are reading this, Sally will be living not in cold Michigan, but in Hawaii! And she is happy! Very happy indeed.

I’ll bet you haven’t gotten that far down, that “dark,” but you are not likely as positive, optimistic, hopeful, and enthused as you would like to be.


Wouldn’t you love to be a resilient person who exudes optimism to everyone around you?

Wouldn’t you like to be a giver, and not a taker?

Wouldn’t you just love to be a source of strength to others?

Wouldn’t you just enjoy the heck out of being a positive person?


I’ve told you a little story about myself, and another little story about Sally. How about another story from a very different angle?

About half of my work time is spent out of the office as a business advisor. My partner, Greg, and I team around “Integral Business Planning” ( We provide strategic planning and leadership development, especially during the transition of ownership. A family owned business, or a closely held business, will bring us in for a period of months to develop the next team of people who will lead the company.

One of the tasks we perform for a company is to identify their “A” players. We look at the strengths each “A” player has and we work very hard to get the “right person in the right seat on the bus.” That is a phrase that Jim Collins uses in his book Good to Great.

The team of “A” players is inevitably a team of people who practice Positive Psychology. Every “A” player, no matter what the endeavor, is a student and practitioner of Positive Psychology. They may not know it, but they practice the techniques and principles of Positive Psychology every day of their lives.

“A” Players just naturally practice these techniques!

The really good leaders in your world are people who have acquired these skills. Maybe they were born with these skills, or maybe they had parents who modeled them, or maybe they developed them as children or during adolescence… who knows? But they have these skills. That is a fact.

The most successful people among us practice the skills of Positive Psychology every day of their life… and they are happier, more effective…and they have more wealth because of it.

There is no time to waste; take the next step and act decisively NOW!

Feeling pushed a little?

Hey, I grew up hearing “Waste not, want not.”

Don’t waste any more time or energy acting - thinking – feeling in ways that bring you mediocre results.

And remember, I’ve taken all the risk out of this for you with my 100% money back guarantee.

Sign up for this eCourse for $17.99 and if you aren’t satisfied, for whatever reason, just ask for your money back and you will get it back. Promise.

Think about it… if this eCourse doesn’t work after you have worked it… then why in the heck would I want your money anyway?...

...Nope. None of those reasons fit me. I couldn’t live with myself.

So here is all you have to do. Click on the purchase button of your choice right down below here, and within a few minutes you will receive Lesson 1 of my “Positive Psychology Primer.” It is that simple.

Go ahead, click on your choice NOW.

Downloadable copy for all customers

$17.99 USD

Printed Spiral Bound Copy for USA Customers (Includes Shipping and Handling) $27.99 USD
Printed Spiral Bound Copy for International Customers (Includes Shipping and Handling) $37.99 USD

Remember, YOU can have a good, full, and meaningful life.

Wishing you the best!

Dr. Andrew D. Atwood
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Licensed Master Social Worker

PS. After you go through the simple purchase process go back and check your email. The system we use is fairly quick and you should expect to be working at your eCourse in no time at all.

PPS. But, of course, if you have any trouble, just email me and either I’ll help you, or my son, “Webmaster Dave,” will help you quickly. Computers and people sometimes glitch things up. No need to worry, as we are taking the risk away as much as possible.

PPPS: I forgot to tell you about all the other resources we have on our website. Go to where you will find tools and resources for people who are stuck in a troubled relationship, especially if the trouble is sexually. It is a “rich and resourceful site.”

5 Lessons, 70 pages of tightly packed materials Tips, Tools, Techniques that will help you to create a good, full, and meaningful life for yourself!

And it is 100% Guaranteed!

Go for it!