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General Advice and Information
FREE My Integrated Model for Online Sex Advice Here is the model around which my approach to online sex advice and information is organized. It is comprehensive, and it is unique. Others who offer advice through Newspapers and women’s magazines seldom, if every, have as thorough an approach to helping people to get UNstuck from their sexless marriages. Understanding my Integrated Model for Online Sex Advice will help you to navigate our Members Section. 7-page article. 12/03 FREE Are you a teen, looking for help with sex and dating? We all know that Teens search the internet for information on sexual behavior. In this important article I reproduce a chapter from my eBook, Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage, in which I present a graduated model for growing a relationship, including intimacy, commitment, and sex. It is common sense – and I’ve shared this with hundreds of teenagers (and new single people) and they all find it valuable. 7-page article. 2/04
FREE Foods that Turn You On Six common foods - some research claim these foods actually “turn you on.” 1-page article. 9/04 How can I stimulate my wife to fantastic orgasm through intercourse? This article was written in response to a visitor’s question. He wanted to know how to make his wife scream with ecstasy. Some husbands are like that, and some aren’t. 4-page article. 9/04
Getting Older, and Still Willing and Able 30% of men ages 70 to 80 claim to have had sex 5 times in the last 30 days according to recent research. Only 8% of women claim the same, likely do to being single. Aging doesn’t have to slow you down. Attitude is part of staying young. 3-page article.10/04 Why do women lose their desire for sex? This piece of advice was actually written to a Vistor who wrote me, “How can I stimulate my wife to fantastic orgasms through intercourse, and how can I get her to want more sex? How can I get her to seduce me for oral and vaginal sex?” Here are the 5 points I wrote him. 7-page article.1/04
Why do men lose their desire for sex? This begins to get at the heart of the matter. Over and Over again you will hear me say that it is normal to struggle with sex. There are so many issues involved, and it can be a real challenge for any normal couple to find and maintain a satisfying sexual relationship. Here is some information and advice that should help you to understand the challenges men face. 9-page article. 1/04 42 ways to do your woman This might sound a little ridiculous, but the truth is that a lot of men have one way, and it usually lasts less than 2 minutes. More ways, for 22 minutes, and you can truly hit a home run. Women, if this article makes you warm up a little, copy it and talk about it with your man. Men, 92% of the women in this world can have an orgasm after 21 minutes of pleasure. Get it? 7-page article. 8/04
16 ways to do your man Amazing. Who would have thought there were more than 2 ways? Well, there are… and some guys struggle with any and all. But, if you want to introduce a little more variety into your routine… read this. 6-page article. 8/04 FREE Getting beyond your sexless marriage is worth $50,000 Some economists did some research on what brings us happiness, and interestingly, found that sex is worth something. The research and some commentary can be found here. 2-page article. 11/04
SELF Magazine reports on sex and satisfaction Consider the source… but once you get beyond this reader survey you can learn something about what brings satisfaction to the lives of those who read SELF magazine. Maybe you will see yourself in the mirror of their findings. 3-page article. 9/04 American’s Sexual Behavior ABC Prime Time Live surveyed about 1500 people and compiled this rather large pile of data. If you want to know what “normal” is according to this survey, take a look. Commentary along the way from Dr. Atwood will help you to think carefully about the findings… and your own behavior. 4-page article. 10/04
The Art of a Good Blow Job Some find it hard to do, and some enjoy it. Here are some simple facts and techniques for what you might do after he has pleased you for 22 minutes or more. 2-page article. 12/04 Top 10 Struggles of a Sexless Marriage Guess what this article is about. Yup, you guess right! Here are the top 10. 2-page article. 10/04
Sexless Marriage Diagnostic Questionnaire This questionnaire has been developed by Dr. Atwood to help you to identify where you are struggling. There are 5 areas included in Dr. Atwood “Integrated Model for Online Sex Advice” and this questionnaire will help you to target the critical areas in your relationship. In addition, you will identify the “7 Life Sucking Symptoms of Being Stuck in a Sexless Marriage.” Included in the 8-Step Program. 10-page article. 11/04 7 Dumb things to do about your sexless marriage We all can be foolish at times. Here are the most common foolish things people do in order to get UNstuck from their sexless marriage. These are “normal” behaviors, but ineffective behaviors. Maybe you can see yourself here. 4-page article. 11/04
Sex patch Intrinsa undergoing more research Well, there still isn’t a miracle pill for women. The side effects seemed to be too much for FDA approval. But, you will learn something important about the “placebo effect.” 3-page article. 9/04 Why can’t she have an orgasm during intercourse? Five simple points to be made here that can help either him, or her, to get on with it. Remember, 92% of women can have an orgasm after 21 minutes of pleasure. How? 2-page article. 11/04
FREE How often do married people normally have sex? We are always comparing ourselves to others. Here is the answer to this question. 1-page article. 4/04 Will sex therapy work? Six Suggestions for making sure the answer is “YES!” 2-page article. 4/04
Why do so many people want self- help? Seven reasons. Dr. Atwood offers a sentence or two that gets at the heart of the matter for each reason. 2-page article. 6/04 FREE Advice on Sex and Aging 9 page dialogue between William Martin (Author featured by Oprah) and Dr Andrew Atwood. 2/04
Some Truth about Sex and Aging
Initiated by an an entry in our Discussion Forum, this article is actually a dialogue between Dr. Atwood and William Martin, author of The Couples Tao Te Ching. Do-be-do-be-do! 9-page article. 1/05
Looks like Medicare will pay for Viagra!
There could be a great financial savings for you if you qualify.

1-Page Article 2/05

Spiritual and Energetic Challenges
Oh God, Oh God, Yes, Yes! Every wonder why so many people gleefully shout this same exclamation at the point of orgasm? And have you ever wondered about the presence of something Devine at the moment of orgasm? Is it a small taste of Oneness? 2-page article. 10/04

Tantric Sex

Coming soon.

Chakras - the body’s internal energy centers - an orientation
An introductory article to the body's 7 energy centers, and how they align with other developmental models. Closed Chakras are not helpful, while open Chakras are.
3-page article. 1/05
1 - The Root Chakra
Coming soon.
2 – The Sacral Chakra
Coming soon.
3 – The Solar Plexus Chakra
Coming soon.
4 - The Heart Chakra
Coming soon.
5 – The Throat Chakra
Coming soon.
6 – The Third Eye Chakra
Coming soon.
7 – The Crown Chakra
Coming soon.
Christianity and Sex - the good, the bad, and the ugly Coming soon.  

Physical Challenges

FREE New drug boost women’s sexual desire
PT-141 is another one of those “magic pills” that the pharmaceutical companies are working on. This one works in rats… so maybe it might work in women. That seems to be the assumption anyway. 2-page article. 7/04

Vaginismus – painful intercourse For the small number of women who are afflicted with Vaginismus, enjoyable sex is out of the question. Here are 10 considerations – pieces of information and recommendations – that can give you some encouragement and direction. 3-page article. 8/04
Ejaculatory Inhibition – What’s wrong?Called by different names, the struggle is the same: when a guy can’t get it off, he is in trouble. Take a look at the role of masturbation, anxiety, religious inhibitions, reasons why we blame her, and rushing too much. 3-page article. 9/04 Ejaculatory Inhibition – What can be done?We’ve all seen the ads on TV for Livitra, Cialis, and Viagra. There are also Kegel Exercises for her. And Masturbation abated? A handful of tips. 3-page article. 9/04
A Viagra for Women? It’s called “Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder” – when a woman doesn’t want sex, or has no desire for sex. Various drugs have been tried, and some have worked. Herbal supplements as well. 2-page paper. 7/04 FREE Frequent sex may reduce prostate cancer risk Reprint of a news story from the Journal of the American Medical Association. 2-page article. 5/04
FREE New patch (Intrinsa) revs up sex life after menopause Here are two articles from the news media, reproduced for you. Both were press releases from Proctor and Gamble about Intrinsa before the drug went to the FDA. The Press can be misleading… can’t it? Does help with understanding the process, and the role of testosterone. 4-page article. 8/04 Testosterone in pre and post menopausal women A succinct statement about the role of testosterone around menopause. One of the very real physical changes that takes place, naturally, among
Estrogen – good news, bad news, new news Can’t do too well without it, but putting it in your system unnaturally seems to be a problem. Link for help included. 2-page article. 8/04

FREE Libido linked to love of chocolate Reprint of an article that appeared in the London Times. God, I hope this is true! 2-page article. 11/04

Does the size of a man’s penis matter? 12 points to consider when you think your pointer is too small. Facts, my friend, which will point you in the right direction. 2-page article. 11/04 Why can’t she have an orgasm? 5 issues to look at, given in response to a vistor’s question. Very few women can’t have an orgasm. Very few haven’t, either. But there are some. Most are stuck somewhere. 2-page article. 12/04
Is Sexual Desire Depressed by Depressants? SSRIs are a life-saving medication for those who are depressed, but they come with some negative side effects. Check it out here, then talk with your Doc. 3-page article. 12/28/04 Are herbal breast enlargement programs reasonable?
Common sense advice when considering these commonly advertised products.
2-page article. 1/05
St. John’s Wort is at least as effective in treating depression
New research supports the efficacy of this herbal treatment for depression. If it works for you, it also doesn’t have the nasty side effects associated with a loss of sexual desire.

2-Page Article 2/05

Relationship Challenges 
How can we put the romance back in our relationship? There are two directions to go with romance – backwards and forwards. One is toward enmeshment and the other is towards differentiation. Which is which, and why is one better than the other? 3-page article. 11/04 My partner is bossy and I don’t like it 3 pages of tips on how to get yourself separate from this potentially critical situation before it is too late. Nip this one in the bud! 3-page article. 10/04
How do I confront my partner? In this 10- page eGuide, Dr. Atwood coaches the reader on how to confront effectively. This article was written in response to a visitor’s question about how to confront his overweight wife. In a Q and A format, you will surely find this guide to be helpful. 11-page article. 5/04 FREE Is your relationship suffering from the curse of good? Originally published in The Healing Garden Journal, this article was written for those who are stuck in a relationship that is really good, but not hot – passionate – or wet. If yours is a nice relationship that has you bored, then read this article. 3-page article. 8/04
7 reasons why great marriages are great friendship Yes, 7 reasons. Short, sweet, and to the point. 2-page article. 9/04 Understand yourself, and Your Partner This is an introduction to the eCourse Dr. Atwood has developed that helps you to identify your “type” according to the works of Myers and Briggs. Many of you are familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Well, this isn’t it. Rather, this is an intro to the eCourse, “How to know who you are, and be who you are” which you can find in our Catalogue. 7-page article. 8/03
10 secrets to a better love life In 6 pages you will find 10 very practical tips about how you can put some goodness into your relationship. There may be nothing here that you don’t know, but there probably is something here you have forgotten. Good things to do that will bring goodness into your relationship. 6-page article. 9/04 My husband won’t talk with me. What am I supposed to do? There is a dance that two people can get into and it involves one being a distancer, and the other being a pursuer. In this case, she pursues and he distances. How to stop it? Read on. 3-page article. 2/04
FREE My spouse is involved with another person This is a big one. A really BIG on. Take a look at this article and you will be directed to a website that has a tremendously helpful resource with ample free help. Link to another site. 9/03 We are fighting over money Most fights are born of the same issue – a profound lack of teamwork. Here are five steps that will give you concrete help regardless of the problem around which the two of you are struggling. 4-page article. 1/04
We have drifted apart and our sex life is lousy Four very real issues are look at in brief. These are pretty common issues that stand alone in this short article. A quick look might well be worth your while. You might recognize yourself. 3-page article. 3/04 My partner keeps threatening me with divorce Here is a pretty pointed article that is directed at this unfortunate, yet common problem. Dissect the issue and get beyond the dilemma that is presented by the threat, counter-threat, merry-go-round. 3-page article. 5/04
My partner is gone too much of the time Using the 4 major types of people presented in Dr. Atwood eCourse, see if you can figure out why each type is gone too much of the time. Look at the Ready Adventurer, the Loyal Caretaker, the Authentic Idealist, and the Careful Thinker. 2-page article. 5/04 My partner’s parents are in our lives way too much of the time Once gain using the 4 types developed by Myers and Briggs, Dr. Atwood offers some advice on this critical problem of enmeshment. Too many people in your space can be a real problem. 3-page article. 6/04
My husband doesn’t pay attention to the kids What are the issues for fathers of different temperaments? And what is the likely control issue that is hidden in this challenge? Take a look. 2-page article. 3/04 My partner is abusing alcohol and I don’t know what to do This is, admittedly, a short article on a big subject. Look for more details elsewhere, but for now, take a look at how you might respond to each of the 4 major types of people. 2-page article. 4/04
Everything has spun out of control with anger and defensiveness Actually, the question that was written in was this: “We have spun out of control and are about to divorce. What do I do now that our relationship has spun out of control and deteriorated to the point that there is just about nothing left between us?” Unfortunately, lots of relationships do spin out of control. Here are four actions you can take. 3-page article. 3/04 Which of us is supposed to lead around what? Here are 7 suggestions for you to consider. It is common for partners to get confused about their roles, and to do so inevitably leads to conflict. Follow these suggestions and you can greatly reduce the conflicts between the two of you. 3-page article. 4/04
We are in conflict over the kids There can be a great deal of conflict around children. Different types of kids, as with different types of parents, can present unique challenges. This 4 page paper takes a look at critical issues… and as usual, offers practical advice. 4-page article. 4/04 If people can schedule time for an affair, they should be able to schedule time with their spouse!Seems logical doesn’t it. Making time for a date is the topic here. 1-page article. 12/04
Receiving Love: Letting Yourself be Loved
Here is a good book about the art of allowing your self to be loved. This is truly a challenge for a lot of people who for one reason, or another, struggle with receiving love. 1-Page Article 1/05

Cultural Challenges
FREE Is your family a Greenhouse? This article, which first appeared in The Healing Garden Journal, talks about the family as a place where life can grow. 2-page article. 7/04 Cultural Secrets Control Us The subtle influences of our culture dictate what is “right” from what is “wrong” behavior. Our attitudes are influenced by our culture. Our sexuality is influenced by our culture. Here are 7 truths that expose the power of your culture and its ability to control you. 3-page article. 12/04
Why do Muslim Women Wear a Jilbab
Cultural differences are at work in the way we dress, and the way we behave. Sex in the City? They dress differently there. 1-Page Article 1/05

Personal Emotional and Mental Challenges
How to effectively manage your frustration Short and to the point, but a critical reframe of the role and function of frustration. Dr. Atwood teaches this model to his clients all the time – comes from Reality Therapy. 2-page article. 2/04 How to get more pleasure Freud talked about the pleasure and pain principles. Which drives you? 2-page article. 3/04
The power of attention and intention There is great power in putting your attention on the right intention. Most accomplishments in life come from this simple activity. 1-page paper. 8/04 How you can spot and manage a mid-life crisis Six actions you can take once you spot the mid-life crisis that has arrived in your life. 2-page article. 10/03
The six basic needs that you and your partner have in common The two of you share these 6 in common. These are needs, not wants. Help your partner to feel satisfaction at these 6 points of need, an you will be valued. 2-page paper. 11/03 What can I do about my low self-esteem in my sexless marriage? This is just such a huge issue. Here, in Q&A format, Dr. Atwood gives some detailed suggestions to an imaginary visitor (who is a composite of some who have emailed) about the loss of worth… and how to get it back. 5-page article. 10/03
How to have reverence for yourself, and your lover Dr. Atwood recalls Dr. Schweitzer. The central principle of one’s life can give direction to all of us. 2-page article. 4/04 Why does sex seem like so much work? Here is what a man can do, and what a woman can do, when this all seems like just too much work. 2-page article. 9/04
The emotional foundation to great sex Truth is, this is the emotional foundation to great living. Here is a book review of How Full Is Your Bucket? Positive Psychology is an emerging field and Dr. Atwood takes a look at the benefit of focusing on strengths. 3-page Book Review. 8/04 Fantasy and activity ABC’s Prime Time Life news shoe reported on the sexual behaviors of Americans, and Dr. Atwood has pulled some of the research out around the subjects of fantasy, and activity. Who fantasies about what, and who actually does what? 4-page article. 11/04
How to swim to shore when the boat is sinking, or sunk This actually is the 8th step in the 8-Step program you can find at Hopeful Solutions. Divorce – legal, emotional, physical – along with a chapter from Dr. Atwood’s eBook, You Can Save Your Marriage. How to save yourself regardless. 10-page paper. 11/04 When is it time to throw in the towel? Different types of people respond to “the end” differently. Over the years Dr. Atwood has gathered some common sense from observing others and he shares it here. 3-page article. 5/04
How do I decide about an abortion? This article isn’t so much about abortion as it is about the process of decision making. Some decisions are really tough, and it is important to look at all 4 quadrants when making the decision. 2-page article. 3/04 I’ve cheated on my spouse and I feel miserable Here is an outline, literally, that you can follow to work yourself through and out of the situation you are in. 4-page outline. 4/04
Can a marriage exist without sex? Why would the answer be “yes?” 3-page article. 6/04 I’m a woman and I want to know how I can increase my sexual desire? There are, once again, so very many issues that can be involved in a lack of sexual desire. Dr. Atwood visits his Integrated Model for Online Sex Advice and gives direction toward the answer that might be right for you. 3-page article. 7/04
Satisfaction among obese people is sometimes good, sometimes not When you are obese you make certain adaptations in order to live well. One adaptation might well be to simply desire sex less. After all, if you don’t want it you don’t get so frustrated when you don’t have it. A sad, but understandable adjustment. 2-page article. 12/04 Why doesn’t oral sex turn him on? In response to an email, Dr. Atwood proposes an answer to this rather odd, but real question. 2-page article. 10/04
Is depresson a critical factor in a woman's sexual desire?
A general look at the web that symptoms, causes, and treatments can weave. The net result can be a tangle of challenges, all of which may result in lowered sexual desire.

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