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Live With It

After weighing all the issues and alternatives, sometime this is the best of all possible decisions. But, how can you live with it well? This is the only life you have, and you want to have a happy life even if you decide to live with it, right?


  • Practicing Peace: Finding Balance in the Midst of Relationship Chaos
    Oprah likes William Martin’s book, The Parent’s Tao Te Ching, so much that she gives it to all her friends who have children. Why? Because Bill is a gifted scholar, compassionate teacher, and sensitive spiritual guide. “Practicing Peace” was written especially for this website, and it has been written for those who “know better” but struggle to behave better. 26 practical lessons and exercises for you so that you can stay balanced and centered in the midst of relationship chaos. (Downloadable)

  • Make Yourself Happy in Spite of Your Mediocre Marriage!
    What the Behavioral Sciences have Discovered about what You can do to Create a Positively Happy Life for Yourself, no matter what your situation might be! Here is the 5-Part eCourse on “Positive Psychology” that will give you the skills that actually create happiness! If you have decided to live with your marriage, in spite of the imperfections, then you still must do what you can to create a happy life for yourself. Here, in this unique and comprehensive eCourse, you will learn how you can create real and lasting happiness for yourself… yes, even in spite of your mediocre relationship!