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Alone, together, with your counselor, or with one of our Coaches, here are the tools and The Manual you can use to Save Your Marriage… starting today!


  • You Can Save Your Marriage
    After more than 30 years of Clinical Experience, offering over 60,000 hours of therapy to individuals, couples, and families, Dr. Andrew D. Atwood has packaged up the best wisdom from the best clinical research, along with the knowledge he has gained from decades of face-to-face experience. (Downloadable, Spiral-Bound Hardcopy, CD-Rom) INCLUDES ONE FREE BONUS

  • Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage
    If you are one of the millions who are frustrated with having sex less than 10 times a year, then this manual is for you. It is comprehensive, practical, informative, and believe it or not, somewhat humorous! 50 bite-sized chapters that are great for both of you. (Downloadable, Spiral-Bound Hardcopy, CD-Rom) INCLUDES THREE FREE BONUSES

  • 28-Day Jump Start Your Marriage
    One exercise a day for 28 days in a row. Why? It takes 21 days to break a habit and rebuild a new one. Wondering, “What can I do to get the ball rolling?” Here it is! (One email a day for 28 days!)

  • 28-Day Jump Start Your Sexless Marriage
    What is different about this 28-Day program is that it is more focused on jump-starting your “sexless marriage.” No more excuses for a lack of creativity. Build intimacy, and eroticism, with respect and kindness. (One email a day for 28-Days)

  • Break Free From The Affair
    This ground-breaking program has become a story in itself. Dr. Robert Huizenga, a Marriage and Family Therapist, has created the definitive tool for helping those who want to break free from the grip of an affair – whether you’re in the affair, or your partner is. 92% of those who grab this manageable resource find it “very helpful.” (Downloadable, Printed Hardcopy, CD-Rom) FOUR FREE BONUSES