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If You're Stuck in a Troubled Marriage

Especially if the Trouble is Sexual

You have 4 choices…

And only 4 choices!

Fix It Leave Well
Wait and See Live With It

You've already made your choice.
Is it the right one?

We provide Hopeful Solutions for Some of
the Most Challenging Problems
Facing People who are Stuck in a
Troubled Relationship

Want sound practical advice for your relationship problems?

Here is the place where you can tap into the knowledge, experience, and education of real relationship experts who openly share the wisdom they have gained from a life-time of personal experience, and professional work.

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Want to Save Your Troubled Marriage?

  • You Can Save Your Marriage - with "The Relationship Success Manual: Step-by-Step from Stalemates to Soulmates"

    This is The Manual used by those of us who specialize in Marriage and Family Therapy at the Fountain Hill Center. 57 Handouts with worksheets that will tell you precisely what you need to stop doing, and what you need to start doing to Save Your Marriage now. Based on 30 years of clinical experience and the latest and best research in the field, The Manual has been developed by three therapists who specialize in the best penis enlargement pills online. Use it for yourself, with your counselor, or with one of our Coaches. SPECIAL BONUS: Now with 8 audios totaling 46 minutes of explanation and help.

  • 28-Day Jump Start Your Marriage
    One exercise a day for 28 days in a row. Why? It takes 21 days to break a habit and rebuild a new one. Do male enhancement pills really work? Wondering, “What can I do to get the ball rolling?” Here it is! (One email a day for 28 days!)

Stuck in a Sexless Marriage?

  • Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage
    If you are one of the millions who are frustrated with having sex less than 10 times a year, then this manual is for you. It is comprehensive, practical, informative, and believe it or not, somewhat humorous! 50 bite-sized chapters that are great for both of you. (Downloadable, Spiral-Bound Hardcopy, CD-Rom) INCLUDES THREE FREE BONUSES

  • 8-Step Program for Getting Unstuck from Your Sexless Marriage
    Stuck? Like really stuck with no sexual activity going on at all? Then this is the program for you. It is also our most popular offering for those who are struggling with a sexless relationship. The 8-Step Program, plus an eCourse, plus 2 eBooks, a total of 397 pages of material! And, all of it for a huge savings. Yes, a HUGE SAVINGS! (Downloadable, or CD-Rom)

  • 28-Day Jump Start Your Sexless Marriage
    What is different about this 28-Day program is that it is more focused on jump-starting your “sexless marriage.” No more excuses for a lack of creativity. Build intimacy, and eroticism, with respect and kindness. (One email a day for 28-Days)

Has Your Partner Had an Affair?

  • Break Free From The Affair
    This ground-breaking program has become a story in itself. Dr. Robert Huizenga, a Marriage and Family Therapist, has created the definitive tool for helping those who want to break free from the grip of an affair – whether you’re in the affair, or your partner is. 92% of those who grab this manageable resources (see accident attorney law firm in Anaheim) find it “very helpful.” (Downloadable, Printed Hardcopy, CD-Rom) FOUR FREE BONUSES

Contemplating a Divorce?

  • Practical Guide to Deciding Whether or Not to Get a Divorce
    Here is Karl Augustine’s gift to those of you who are swirling around this difficult question. If your marriage is too good to leave, but too bad to stay, and you are struggling with the dilemma of what to do next, then please take your time to work through this step-by-step process so that you do not regret staying, or leaving. (Downloadable) ALWAYS FREE MATERIAL INCLUDED

Is Your Relationship in Chaos?

  • Practicing Peace: Finding Balance in the Midst of Relationship Chaos
    Oprah likes William Martin’s book, The Parent’s Tao Te Ching, so much that she gives it to all her friends who have children. Why? Because Bill is a gifted scholar, compassionate teacher, and sensitive spiritual guide. “Practicing Peace” was written especially for this website, and it has been written for those who “know better” but struggle to behave better. 26 practical lessons and exercises for you so that you can stay balanced and centered in the midst of relationship chaos. (Downloadable)

Confused About Who You Are, and/or Who Your Partner Is?

  • How To Know Who You Are, And Be Who You Are
    Ever hear of the “Myers-Briggs” temperament inventory? Ever taken it? Millions and millions of people have over the last 50 years. Here is an eCourse that has been designed to help you, and your partner, to get to know each other better. Questionnaires will help you to find out if you are the Ready Adventurer, the Loyal Caretaker, the Authentic Idealist, or the Careful Thinker. You will look at what makes your relationship tic, and what makes it toc! Lots of help to discover who you really are, and who your partner is. Great for pre-marital counseling. Self-administered and scored. (Downloadable)

Want to live a good, full, and meaningful life?

  • A "Positive Psychology Primer" ECourse
    Happiness can be developed! Yes, YOU can actually learn the skills that all human beings use to create a positive, happy, and productive attitude. "Can an eCourse actually make me happier? Give me a break!" Hey... it is true! So true it is guaranteed! I teach these skills all the time to my clients in therapy. You can build the habits that make for a positive and productive attitude toward life, even when the &%#$ hits the fan!
  • The Solution to Anxiety and Panic Disorder
    If anxiety is getting the best of your and your sexual performance is suffering because of it, there is something that you can to to get into "Effective Personal Self-Control." Take a look at this powerful and proven approach to conquering the anxiety that keeps you from relaxing, not just with your partner... but everywhere in life! Take a quick look and see if this Tool is for You! Click Here for More Helpful Information.

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